Gear Designer

Gear Designer


Process design and analysis for continuous generating grinding

In cylindrical gears, the gear flank form is designed based on functional requirements without taking a potential manufacturing process into account. But can the desired modifications actually be manufactured? In Gear Designer, the manufacturable geometry is determined through simulation of the dressing and grinding process. Integrated optimization algorithms adapt the manufacturable geometry to fit the specification – the function-oriented geometry – through targeted modification of the dressing and grinding process kinematics.


  • Determination of manufacturable gear geometry through simulation of dressing and grinding
  • Transparency through systematic distinction between desired modifications and process-related deviations
  • Reduction of process-related deviations through optimization of machine kinematics for grinding and dressing
  • Visual analysis of results, particularly the remaining differences with respect to function-oriented geometry
  • Analysis over entire diameter range of the grinding worm
  • Comparability of alternative process designs
  • Release of validated and optimized process design for production

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