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Partnerships with Nearby Schools


Providing Insight into the World of Klingelnberg

Cooperation between general and vocational schools and regional businesses is becoming increasingly important. That’s why Klingelnberg is already taking advantage of a range of partnership opportunities:

  • Exclusive cooperation with the Privatschule Bergischer Unternehmen (private school) in Hückeswagen for business education (industrial business managers) and vocational/technical training (precision mechanics, industrial mechanics)
  • Students can learn about a wide range of engineering and administration careers by participating in a number of sponsored training events for schools that are held at Klingelnberg (KAoA, Girls Day and Boys Day, Shadowing Day). On request, we also have a limited number of placement places available for anyone interested.
  • We are also pleased to offer young people the opportunity during their school vacation to take part in individual “discovery days” and placements aimed at helping them make future career choices.
  • Teachers are also invited to learn more about the company; contact us to arrange factory tours, teacher visitation days, or school presentations.
  • Exclusive cooperation with the association and the "Löwengrundschule Hückeswagen". Our trainees participate in the project: "Trainees at schools. We promote digital education."

Advance notice is extremely important for any of these activities. We recommend contacting us at least six weeks before the date you have in mind.