Smart Process Control

Smart Process Control


Process optimization in bevel gear production

Process optimization, production monitoring and tool life analysis in bevel gear manufacturing – with the Smart Process Control software, users have a comprehensive process documentation tool at their disposal. All the key data for the cutting process, the tool and the machine tool are just a click away with the app.


  • Transparency over the tools and processes by accessing the production overview
  • Detailed visualization of process data, thus helping to improve the production planning and making informed decisions
  • Gain deeper insight by understanding tool behavior with variations in the process variables, and thus design optimized processes with lower cycle times and better tool utilization
  • Detect and diagnose the tool performance issues through visualizing the trends in the utilization rate and process outliers, thus preventing unplanned downtimes and increasing tool performance
  • Generate insightful reports and share the findings easily with others, thus simplifying the maintenance process and managing tool conditions all the times
  • Use rules operator to deploy the monitors for process variables, thus avoiding tool incidents and reducing maintenance costs