Klingelnberg Machine Gate

IT security in your production network

KLINGELNBERG Digital Solutions

In the past, it was not easy to ensure IT security in your production network when old Klingelnberg machines were being operated with outdated operating systems such as Windows XP. In addition, Industry 4.0 scenarios, which require connectivity for old machines as well, do not work with previous systems.

For anyone who wants to overcome these IT challenges, Klingelnberg now offers Machine Gate for your outdated machine control units. This package is delivered to you already adapted to your network and simply needs to be installed in the control cabinet following some minor adjustments to the machine software. It’s your powerful solution for a fast and extremely easy way to achieve new security standards and connectivity scenarios.

Your advantages

  • Plug and play IT security
    Hide the PC’s legacy operating system behind an easy-to-install firewall. Install the device in the control cabinet and the machine is secured according to the latest security standards. The basic configuration contains the “Protect my machine” and “Secure file access” packages. The machine is therefore protected from unauthorized access or attacks from the network. Undesired, inappropriate access from the machine to the network is prevented at the same time.
  • Easy installation by Klingelnberg
    A small, preconfigured box is delivered and easily installed in the machine’s control cabinet using an assembly kit tailored to the installation type. In addition to screws, this assembly kit contains all necessary network cables and labeling sets, etc. There are no risks and no complicated projects for you. We take care of the most important IT configurations in advance. Only minimal interventions are required on site.
  • Secure file access
    Update your KIMoS file server to the latest operating system without having to take into account the operating systems on the machines. We take care of the connectivity between old machines and the latest file servers.
  • OPC UA and edge computing
    For future scenarios for advanced connectivity, you can use the box as a programmable edge computing device to host your own intelligent interfaces. In this case, additional work may be necessary for connecting machine data.


KLINGELNBERG Digital Solutions

What must be in place and what is supplied?

The Klingelnberg Machine Gate offer consists of three connected services:

  1. Siemens Simatic IOT 2050 device
    The edge device that is adapted to Klingelnberg machines is configured by Klingelnberg and adapted to the respective machine. For further details, please visit: support.industry.siemens.com/cs/products
  2. Preconfiguration by Klingelnberg
    We customize the edge device to your individual Klingelnberg machine software configuration.
  3. Delivery, installation, and acceptance
    Following successful testing at our facility, the device and add-on parts are delivered to you and installed in the control cabinet by our service technicians.

The device can generally be installed in all Klingelnberg systems. A detailed check is conducted when the machine number is specified.

Does the machine need to be modified?

The machine’s hardware remains untouched by Klingelnberg Machine Gate. Hardware components are merely added.

What hardware is provided?

Other than installing the Siemens Simatic IOT 2050 with the necessary assembly parts (screws, etc.), no additional changes are required.

How is Klingelnberg Machine Gate put into operation?

Klingelnberg performs the configuration in advance. On-site commissioning takes place following minimal adjustments to the machine software. Your risks are minimized.