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Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machines

HÖFLER Cylindrical Gear Technology

Maximum Productivity and Flexibility in Quality Control

Only with a flexible test machine can the many quality control requirements for toothed gears be met. The HÖFLER roll testing machine R 300 is the optimal solution for this purpose. Owing to the availability of all roll testing methods, the R 300 can be used at every point in the production process chain for cylindrical gears; from monitoring the soft cutting to checking the hardening distortions, to evaluation the noise behavior of the installation-ready toothed gear.


HÖFLER Cylindrical Gear Technology

Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 - The Gear Noise Finder

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R 300

HÖFLER Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine

Compact, flexible and highly accurate testing technology

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