OPC UA umati



The Machine Tools Standard

umati (universal machine tool interface) is the new universal machine tool interface published by the German machine tool association VDW e.V.. Klingelnberg is participating in setting this standard which is based on the well accepted OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) technology stack. Here you get an OPC UA server which implements a new information model explicitly designed for the specialities of tooling machines. This standard interface offers values like machine identification, current state or an overview of the running production. More at: https://vdw.de/technik-und-normung/umati/


  • Easy entry into OPC UA technology with KLINGELNBERG machines
  • Large group of industry experts detail this standard
  • Open interface for Industry 4.0 applications
  • Easy machine identification
  • Quick overview on running production
  • Display of current job data
  • Overview about failures and alarms
  • Display of machine state
  • Enable the statistical analysis of production with OPC UA