Tools & Fixtures

SmartTooling – the 360 degree view of production equipment

With the SmartTooling System from Klingelnberg, your tools and fixtures for bevel gear cutting machines (C 27, C 30, C 50) can be digitally identified using Data Matrix Codes and centrally managed in a database. You simply scan the code with a handheld reader, and the SmartTooling app will support you over the entire life cycle of your production equipment – from job engineering and cutting machine setup to production.


  • Transparency about tool conditions, including tool life and concentricity tolerances
  • Optimization of productivity and life time depending on process parameters, machined parts and tool specifications
  • Crash risk minimization through automatic tool verification
  • No more manual entries during setup thanks to automatic import of tool parameters
  • Easy and seamless integration into installed machines by software update
  • Tool management software for android  and windows devices
  • Use of robust, durable readers
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Licensing per machine

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