Tool measurements

Tool Measurements



As a systems supplier, Klingelnberg has had its own testing software for tools used to manufacture gear tooth systems for many years. Complete measurement of hobs of all profile types, shaving cutters, broaches, and generating cutters on Klingelnberg precision measuring centers is a well-established method worldwide. 

Until the 1980s, Klingelnberg was a manufacturer of high-precision hobs and was thus able at an early stage to apply elementary specialist knowledge for tool measurement—for cutting tool users and manufacturers alike. Renowned partners from the tool industry also provided input based on their knowledge for practical, process-reliable solutions in the Klingelnberg tool range. Countless experts and tool manufacturers rely on this combined know-how, as does tool maintenance in industry.


  • Manufacturer- and user-specific evaluations
  • Representation of the profiles in axial section
  • Measurement on and behind the cutting edge
  • GINA software for intuitive graphics-supported use
  • Short measuring times
  • Measurement of hobs of all profile types
  • Software solutions for measuring shaving cutters and pinion type cutters