Additional Applications




With its intelligent testing software for worms and worm wheels and compressor rotors, Klingelnberg clearly sets itself apart from other solutions in yet another area—worm gears.

The evaluation software for the measuring devices is backed by over fifty years of experience with all the special requirements called for in the area of worm gears. For half a century, Klingelnberg itself produced special worm and rotor grinding machines at is Hückeswagen location. All standard profile types—Zp worms and duplex profiles and special profiles against axis section coordinates—are implemented in this software for worm gears. So every parameter of interest from a production standpoint for worm-shaped components and drive spindles is measured and evaluated safely and easily.

Worm wheels undergo topographical measurements in the same way as spiral bevel gears. A master gear is sensed in the process, and subsequent gearwheels are evaluated against this master. Measurement against calculated nominal data (coordinates) is also possible. As in bevel gear measurement, indexing takes place at a selected coordinate.

Sprocket wheels and special-profile gear teeth, such as cycloid gears, can also be tested against coordinates with this software, in a manner similar to rotor measurement. In addition to profile measurement, the lead lines, the parallelism on the tooth root surface, and the gearing pitch are tested; this is also the case for compressor rotors.


  • Measurement of all standard profile types and against axis section coordinates on worm gears
  • Topographical modeling of a master gear on the worm wheel
  • Measurement of worm wheels against nominal data (coordinates), similar to bevel gear measurement
  • Complete measurement of a compressor rotor in a single clamping
  • Measurement of any profile form against coordinates with the sprocket wheel software