Closed Loop

Closed Loop


What you design is what you get

The manufacturable geometry determined in Gear Designer and released by the engineer is described digitally and forms the basis for Closed Loop production. As an application of GearEngine®, Closed Loop uses a modern software architecture to enable the exchange of data between design, production, quality assurance and statistical evaluation, and also to actively bring information to the consumer or, in another development stage, to initiate process steps automatically.


  • Target specifications from Gear Designer as a basis for production and measurement
  • Clear separation of desired modifications as a component of the target geometry and production-related deviations
  • Fully digital data exchange reduces risk of error
  • Automatic calculation of kinematic corrections and optional tool profile corrections to minimize production-related deviations
  • Evaluation of measurements and configuration for corrections can easily be centralized
  • Direct communication of events and information through active messaging to all nodes in the Closed Loop
  • Complete reproducibility of all processes