High-Perfromance Tools ARCON®

High-performance Tools ARCON®

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The Klingelnberg single-indexing ARCON® method (Face Milling)

The ARCON® method is a well-established method worldwide for highly productive large-scale production of spiral and hypoid bevel gears. It provides exceptional performance, in particular with the patented solid profile TWIN BLADE by Klingelnberg tool geometry which operates with a maximum number of blades. The method meets the highest quality standards in combination with an environmentally friendly dry production process, based on a tool system consisting of a single-part cutter head and fully coated carbide stick blades.


  • High-precision cutter heads with excellent mechanical properties due to a monoblock design
  • High tool accuracy with innovative stick blade fixing system
  • High performance thanks to high number of blade groups
  • Flexible working range due to various cutter heads and use of spacer plates
  • Ideally suited for dry-cutting with carbide stick blades (3-face grinding) and subsequent hard finishing via gear grinding
  • Usable for single indexing gearing processes with simultaneous or separate flank machining and bevel gear designs with conical tooth depth and parallel gap floor