Klingelnberg Grinding Service

Klingelnberg Grinding Service

Tools & Fixtures

Blade precision from the first grinding to the last

In order to guarantee the highest-level productivity of our bevel gear cutting machines, optimized maintenance of the tools is essential. Our grinding service provides you with a complete service, from the manufacture of new stick blades to sharpening and re-coating to the delivery of fully set-up cutter heads. In collaboration with our application technology we also take care of tool design, data and drawing production and optimization of tool geometries and therefore tool service life.

Service offers:

  • Finish-grinding and coating of stick blades and universal blades
  • Fitting and adjustment of cutter heads with reworked blades
  • Measuring and reporting of a fitted cutter head with reworked blades 
  • Packaging ready for delivery that guarantees safe transportation from the grinding service to the customer