Industry 4.0 – for secondary processes, too

Process and tool design for deburring

Pulsar is used to configure the geometry of deburring cutters for Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machines equipped with a deburring unit, including the kinematics used for deburring. Depending on the selected machine type, different systems (tool, kinematics) are taken into account. Deburring configurations for MultiCut processes can be developed, simulated and tested for collision using Pulsar. The data defined during the simulation are stored in the neutral data in the database and are thus available directly for use in tool preparation and production.


  • Definition of tool geometry and process kinematics in neutral data format
  • Deburring process design based on real tooth contour
  • Process simulation based on kinematic possibilities of the real machine
  • Collision control taking the defined fixture geometry into account
  • Optimization of cutting conditions for the deburring process
  • Optimal calculation of threading position for the deburring tool
  • Significantly shorter machining times thanks to cutting optimization
  • Significantly improved service life, since the entire tool blade is used for deburring