Cycloid Measurement

Cycloid measurement


Reliable measurement of robot gears

The demand for high-precision robots grows as the level of automation increases. Cycloid gears, which enable high reduction ratios, are used to transmit forces in the robot arms. With the cycloid measurement option, Klingelnberg now offers a reliable solution for monitoring high production standards.

Extremely high requirements in regard to gear measurement combined with decades of business experience form the basis for precise, efficient measurement of cycloid workpieces, making a perfect complement to existing options of dimension, form and position measurement.

Bringing precision measuring centers and gear grinding machines together to produce cycloids from a single source contributes to continuous improvements in production quality.  Leading expertise for the most demanding requirements makes Klingelnberg a skilled partner in the robot industry.


  • Fast, safe measured value logging on the cycloid profile according to nominal data
  • Calculation of gear-specific parameters based on measured value logging
  • Simple handling and operation in an established software environment
  • Measurement of cycloid external and internal gearing
Measurement of Cycloid Gears

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