Tools & Fixtures

KLINGELNBERG Fixtures – an important component in an optimized system


Pinion and ring gear fixtures for cutting or grinding bevel gears must allow short tooling times. Moreover, to achieve the required product accuracy, the fixture must demonstrate extreme rigidity and holding power, as well as excellent concentricity and axial runout properties.


Drawing on many years of experience as a system provider, Klingelnberg builds and produces high-quality fixtures that are tailor-made for the tool and the machine. The product range includes complete pinion and ring-gear fixtures for cutting, grinding and lapping/testing. It also includes a supply of the appropriate wear parts. In addition to providing these fixtures as original equipment, Klingelnberg also offers them as spare parts via After-Sales Service and service contracts.

Speak to us about your requirements and requests. We will provide an optimum and economical solution. Please also aks for our fixtures catalog: fixtures(at)


  • Fixtures that guarantee high rigidity and holding power
  • Outstanding concentricity and axial runout properties
  • Wear parts can be called up from the warehouse
  • Hardened materials guarantee a long lifetime
  • Short set-up times