Industry 4.0: Data management in gear production

Data management in the production environment:

The Klingelnberg DataManager is designed to convert, visualize, and organize data records from third-party systems, thus offering a way to implement the Closed Loop with its tried and tested data management in bevel gear production.

For the user, there are two key benefits to using the Klingelnberg DataManager:

  • Entry into the world of Industry 4.0 through the use of the tried and tested Klingelnberg Closed Loop in bevel gear production
  • Flexibility in production due to the availability of data in various formats



Provision of data for working in the Klingelnberg Closed Loop for gear designs from third-party systems, including:

  • Consistency testing of the imported design
  • Analysis of the tooth contact analysis results, also taking into account definable V/H variations
  • 3D interference check for different mounting positions
  • Conversion of machine settings to different machine formats
  • Tool design check for interference
  • Organization of data required for production and quality assurance
  • All results can be printed out or saved in pdf format