Universal high-performance tool ARCOFLEX

Universal High-Performance Tool ARCOFLEX

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Tool system and method for single-indexing bevel gear production

The Klingelnberg ARCOFLEX system is the ideal solution for flexible production of bevel gears, especially in smaller lot sizes. The method can be used to produce circular arc gearing. The tool system, in turn, is characterized in particular by a high degree of standardization and productivity.


  • Ideally suited for dry-cutting with carbide stick blades in standardized profile for subsequent hard finishing via gear grinding
  • Usable for gearing processes with separate flank machining with one tool (Semi-Completing) for designs with constant tooth depth and conical gap floor
  • Particularly suited for efficient small-lot production with a broad production spectrum
  • Minimal tool variation and setup work
  • Simple gearing calculation and optimization via KIMoS (Klingelnberg Integrated Manufacturing of Spiral Bevel Gears)
  • Assurance of production quality with the Closed Loop concept