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Fostering a learning environment: KLINGELNBERG takes its GEAR Seminars to Turkey and China

With trade events provided free of charge under the GEAR Seminar brand, Klingelnberg offers knowledge forums covering all aspects of gear technology. During the popular live events, Klingelnberg experts bring their customers up-to-date on current technologies, trending topics, and innovations in bevel gear technology, cylindrical gear technology and gear measuring technology. In 2022, Klingelnberg chose China and Turkey as its priority venues.

Gear Seminar China
Due to the current coronavirus situation, GEAR Seminar China took place as a virtual event this year. With Klingelnberg’s joint venture partner DKSH, the machine manufacturing firm hosted an exclusive seminar tailor-made for the Chinese market every month from September through November 2022. The seminars focused on trends and developments in renewable energy, particularly electromobility and wind energy. Led by Dr. Christof Gorgels, Vice President, Technology and Innovation, Klingelnberg experts gave talks on a range of topics, including noise analysis and test methods with the R 300 cylindrical gear roll testing machine, generating grinding with the Closed Loop process, digital solutions in bevel gear production, and series production and precision measuring technology for large gears. The presentations were simultaneously interpreted in Chinese, providing real added value to the customers.

Gear Seminar Turkey
Gear Seminar Turkey was held as an in-person event in Istanbul from 4 to 5 November, 2022. During the two-day event, the speakers presented on a number of topics, including cycloidal gears, the Closed Loop process for cylindrical gears, the advantages of hybrid measuring technology and bevel gear grinding in the automotive and aviation industries. The seminar wrapped up with a group dinner and mutual discussion in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a safe bet to say that another series of GEAR Seminars will again take place in 2023.  “We are very pleased with the immense popularity of our events and are happy to share our expertise with our customers. For us, this is one of the basic requirements for providing quality service,” said Dr. Gorgels in summarizing the GEAR Seminar series.

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