DIMECON – the digital KLINGELNBERG event series enters round two

KLINGELNBERG DIMECON (Digital Measuring Conference) is entering its second round. Since 17 November 2021, Klingelnberg has been hosting a series of talks on relevant issues in quality assurance and measuring technology. Central themes of the DIMECON series include root-cause investigation of gear noise and presentation of specific solutions for quiet, high-quality gearboxes. Here, Klingelnberg focuses on production equipment and test instruments for drive components in electromobility. 

Digital Measuring Conference 
In the first part of the Digital Measuring Conference, Dr. Hartmuth Müller, Head of Technology and Innovation at Klingelnberg, explained how gear noise could be detected and what prevention strategies are available. In the event that followed, Dr. Alexander Landvogt (Competence Center Roll Testing) performed a live demonstration of the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 from the factory floor. This compact machine is designed for five roll testing methods. 

DIMECON – Part two
On 19 January 2022, Dr. Christof Gorgels (Director of the Precision Measuring Center product line) will talk about gear noise analysis based on standard measurements and delve into the geometric causes of gear noise. In his presentation on 2 February 2022, Dr. Florian Scheffler (Application Technology) will explain the Klingelnberg Quiet Surface Shifting principle and why “quiet” isn’t always pleasant. With the Quiet Surface Shifting method, for example, Klingelnberg offers the possibility of influencing the noise characteristics without geometric modification of the gears only through modulated surface textures. During his presentation, there will also be live simulcasts at the factory, and the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Generating Grinding Machine Speed Viper will be demonstrated. 

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