Boundaries are there to be transcended. You will find out how Klingelnberg is doing just this in the third annual issue of its GEARS inline in-house trade magazine, providing insight into today's challenges and the latest trends in the company's four areas of expertise: bevel gear and cylindrical gear technology, drive technology, and precision measuring technology. 

“Pushing Boundaries” is the overarching theme of this 32-page magazine, brimming with ways to optimize production processes and applications using the latest technologies and solutions. 

In a number of specialist reports, Klingelnberg engineers discuss new approaches and solutions for the industry, and provide answers to crucial questions.  To cite one example:  Are you using ideal cutting processes? Here the experts identify key evaluation criteria that will allow you to optimize your bevel gear production processes. One article, Grinding Special Gears, shows how we are continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in cylindrical gear technology, especially in the field of special gears, and makes one thing clear: It is the software used on the shop floor that makes the biggest difference, both in terms of quality and economic efficiency. And speaking of quality, an innovative roughness probe for surface measurement is setting new technical standards— that now makes it possible to measure gear teeth with modules as small as 0.9 mm. What are the specific advantages of the roughness measurement system compared with previous technologies? What make-or-break points were encountered during the development phase? You’ll find out from the Head of Development at Klingelnberg. 

The noise behavior of gear teeth is, and will always be, a recurring theme in drive technology. Using previous measuring methods, engineers were limited in their ability to correlate gear quality and noise. What geometric feature provides a definitive indication of gear noise and is easy to measure? The answer will surprise you!

Get your copy: The latest GEARS inline is now available for ordering from the marketing department. Simply send us an e-mail at with GEARS inline in the subject line. And even if all good things do come in threes, as the saying goes, the editorial team of GEARS inline will soon be back at it! 

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