At this year's EMO in Hanover (Germany), Klingelnberg will be presenting three highlights in one place: The Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machine C 30 with its trend-setting, intuitive touchscreen operating concept, the adaptable Höfler gear grinding machine VIPER 500 for users with particularly frequent product changes, and the next-generation measuring center P 40 with new equipment highlights.

Fast Gear Cutting for Maximum Productivity and Trend-Setting Touchscreen Operation
Thanks to ongoing advancement of the vertical concept with minimal traversing paths, the new Oerlikon bevel gear cutting machine C 30 sets new standards in dry processing.  All bevel gear machines in this unique series are equipped with a thermostable, vibration-damping machine bed. The cutting machine utilizes an optimized axis arrangement, resulting in reduced approach paths that ensure a significantly reduced load on the drive components and at the same time a stiffer design of the complete system. Above and beyond this, an integrated deburring tool enables maximum productivity and flexibility, along with utmost process safety. 

The innovative machine concept is a winner thanks to its high-speed workpiece change capability, with minimal retooling and auxiliary times to boot. In practically no time, components are completely cut, deburred, and ejected.  Owing to its vertical axis concept, the C 30 has an optimal chip flow and ensures systematic prevention of chip accumulation in the working chamber. 

A key feature of this machine series is its innovative touchscreen operating concept and ultra-modern, trend-setting control technology. Unlike standards commonly found on the market, users no longer need extensive training due to the machine's visual workflow assistance and easy touchscreen navigation. In just a few steps, the machining cycle is  completely configured. An intelligent warning function within the menu navigation prevents costly incidents and downtime from even occurring in the first place. This guarantees the user a high degree of production reliability. 

Maximum Flexibility and Speed in the Grinding Process
The adaptable gear grinding machine VIPER 500 is designed for component diameters up to 500 mm and is optimally suited for both the smallest and the largest batch sizes. It is available in three different configurations, depending on individual requirements: profile grinding, small grinding wheels and multiple-wheel technology (VIPER 500 K), and generation grinding (VIPER 500 W). Particularly for users with frequent product changes, the flexible machine concept ensures an even more dynamic and efficient production process. The VIPER 500 W configuration allows both profile grinding and continuous generation grinding on the same machine – with minimal retooling time. To change the grinding technology, just swap out the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel flank and the dressing wheel. On all three variants, the optional internal gear grinding arm allows retooling from external to internal gearing in less than 15 minutes. 

At the same time, the special machine axis arrangement provides the basis for maximum precision, continuous quality, and tremendous flexibility. Thanks to its innovative design, the machine is powerful, easy to clean, and extremely energy efficient.

At the EMO, the company will exhibit two of the VIPER 500 model machines – the W variant, additionally designed for continuous generation grinding, will be presented alongside the profile grinding machine.

Four High-Precision Measuring Tasks in One Setting
From the next generation of measuring centers, Klingelnberg will be unveiling the P 40. This machine is the result of targeted, ongoing improvements made to meet stringent requirements for gear measurement precision and respond to the increasing complexity of drive components. Due to their broad range of functions, the machines in the P series use up to four conventional measuring devices. With outstanding basic mechanical accuracy and advanced compensation strategies, the P 40 is built for the long-term and capable of performing high-speed measurements in the highest accuracy class, directly on the shop floor.

Countless additional equipment features on the P 40, including an ergonomic height-adjustable electric operator panel, an integrated vibration insulation function, and an air-conditioned control unit open up a new range of potential applications for the user.

Klingelnberg at the EMO 2013 in Hanover (Germany) from 16 to 21 September 2013: Hall 26, Stand A31. 

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