Measuring on the shop floor


Product Highlights


Klingelnberg offers Ambience Neutral Technology for all high precision measuring centers of the P‑series. This provides the opportunity to place the measuring centers directly in production. Measuring parts on the shop floor saves time and money. Thus transport time from the machine tool to the measuring equipment can be shortened significantly. Also the number of expensive measuring rooms can be reduced.

In order to perform high precision measurement on the shop floor the machine has to cope with the shop floor environment characterized by temperature changes, dust and also vibrations transmitted through the floor. To assure the full measuring accuracy Klingelnberg’s Ambience Neutral Technology is designed to withstand all these environmental influences. Klingelnberg combines the experience in machine tool design and metrology. This results in a robust measuring machine achieving a high accuracy and repeatability.

Klingelnberg precision measuring centers are equipped with a temperature compensation to ensure precise measurement from 15 °C up to 35 °C. Sensors monitor the shop floor air as well as the machine and workpiece temperature. A numerical temperature model combined with a temperature neutral machine design ensures precise measurement results. In addition Klingelnberg offers an integrated vibration isolation system for its measuring machines.

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