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DIMECON – the new digital KLINGELNBERG event series

DIMECON – an acronym made from the first two letters of the words Digital Measuring, plus CON from Conference. Starting 17 November 2021, Klingelnberg will be hosting a series of talks on relevant issues in quality assurance and measuring technology.  The main theme of the inaugural DIMECON series will be root cause analysis of unpleasant gear noise and a presentation of specific solutions for quiet-running, quality transmissions. The company will focus on production equipment and test instruments for drive components in electromobility.

Digital Measuring Conference
Why do gears make noise? – How does production influence gear noise? – How can gear noise be detected? – What prevention strategies are there? Machine manufacturer Klingelnberg will answer these questions in the new DIMECON event series. In addition to the seasoned Klingelnberg experts, namely Dr. Hartmuth Müller (Head of Technology and Innovation) and Dr. Christof Gorgels (Director Product Line, Precision Measuring Centers), the team of experts this time around will also include Dr. Alexander Landvogt (Competence Center Roll Testing) and Dr. Florian Scheffler (Application Engineering).

Introducing the cylindrical gear roll testing machine R 300 – the Gear Noise Finder
Due to the increasing outsourcing of part and component manufacturing in large-scale transmission production, some transmission and vehicle manufacturers now require quality certification for all gears installed in the powertrain. Electromobility is a further driver of ever-higher inspection levels. With the elimination of the combustion engine, there is an even greater focus on the noise behavior of the transmission than before, since the electric motor has a comparatively low masking effect on gear noise. With the compact roll testing machine R 300, Dr. Alexander Landvogt will present a machine that is designed for five roll testing procedures. This roll testing allows the noise excitation of each individual toothed gear to be recorded and documented immediately after the grinding process.

In addition, Dr. Christof Gorgels will talk about gear noise analysis based on standard measurements and delve into the geometric causes of gear noise. In his presentation, Dr. Florian Scheffler will explain the Quiet Surface Shifting principle and why “quiet” isn’t always pleasant. With the Quiet Surface Shifting method, for example, Klingelnberg offers the possibility of influencing the noise characteristics without geometric modification of the gearing only through modulated surface textures.

New: Live presentations from the shop floor
DIMECON is different from the conventional WebSeminar series. That’s because this time, in addition to theory, there will also be live demonstrations directly on the machine in the factory. Interested? You can ask questions during the event as usual or submit them in advance at webinar(at)

Registration and dates
Register at It’s quick and easy! There will be four event dates in total. Participation is free of charge, of course.


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