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A Warm Welcome: KLINGELNBERG Opens its Doors to 21 New Apprentices

At the start of the training year on 01 August 2023, 20 up-and-coming professionals launched their careers with machine manufacturer Klingelnberg. One additional trainee will begin on 01 September 2023. Selected from a large pool of applicants, the young and highly motivated trainees entered various vocational training programs, including commercial training and training in cutting machine operation, warehouse logistics specialists, industrial mechanics, and as IT systems integration specialists.

As in past years, the prospective trainees’ first week of training in 2023 was centered on getting to know each other. Thomas Stroh, responsible for vocational training at Klingelnberg, welcomed the new trainees: “This is the start of an exciting time with new experiences for the new trainees. We wish all of our new colleagues a great start to their careers.” In addition to a tour of the individual departments, plant visits and initial product training sessions were also on the learning agenda during the introductory week.

The young professionals had a variety of reasons for choosing Klingelnberg as their training partner. Many trainees had already completed a school internship beforehand and gotten to know the company. “I was so happy to be accepted at Klingelnberg,” said Alessandro Giuseppe Prestianni, who started his vocational training as a cutting machine operator. “Since I had only heard positive things about Klingelnberg as an employer and my father also works at Klingelnberg, I quickly realized that I wanted to complete my training at Klingelnberg. The three-week school internship at Klingelnberg was what convinced me to train as a cutting machine operator.”

Carina Graf applied for an internship as an industrial clerk after her school internship and was accepted. “What appeals to me about the training is that I will be working in various departments during my training period. This gives me a comprehensive insight into the company. I am convinced that Klingelnberg will prepare me well for the upcoming exams.”
Tom Warnke is also pleased with the training he started as a warehouse logistics specialist. I decided to train in the warehouse because I was looking for a diverse and varied job. After my apprenticeship, I plan to take the mastership examination and hope to get a permanent position with the company.”

“Since I completed training in school in the field of information technology, I chose to train as an IT specialist for systems integration,” Robin Grünwald reports. “In addition, two of my friends already work at Klingelnberg, so the decision was easy for me after my eight-week internship that Klingelnberg would be the company where I completed my vocational training.”
Angelina Schneider decided to train as an industrial mechanic. “I decided on Klingelnberg as my vocational training company because I felt very comfortable at Klingelnberg during my school internship. In addition, I find mechanical engineering very interesting and prefer a hands-on job, which industrial mechanics offers me.”

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