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KLINGELNBERG Honors 32 Employees for 50, 40 and 25 Years of Company Loyalty

In 2022, machine manufacturer Klingelnberg again honored its employees with longstanding service to the company. This year’s honorees included 16 colleagues celebrating 40 years of service and 14 employees looking back on 25 years with the company. Two employees are even marking a full 50 years of service.

As Christoph Küster, CFO of the KLINGELNBERG Group, enthusiastically stated: “We are extremely proud to be honoring two employees in 2022 – Peter Kaehler (Toolmaking) and Petra Schmidt (Application Development) – who have spent half a century with Klingelnberg.” “In today’s fast-paced times, we see this as an outstanding commitment, and one that shows just how much we can rely on our employees.”

Peter Kaehler launched his career with an internship at Klingelnberg
Peter Kaehler can look back on a long and varied professional path with a single employer. He first dipped his toes in the water as an intern before starting his training as a machine toolmaker in the “Bevel Gear Machine Tools” department in Remscheid on 07 August 1972, and completing his training in Hückeswagen in 1976. Until he began his part-time paid release in 2021, he exercised a number of functions in the Production/Toolmaking department, including toolmaker, milling cutter, grinder, welder, spark erosion grinder, foreman, and inspection agent. After 50 years, Peter Kaehler had this to say of his overall experience: “What I really appreciate about Klingelnberg is that the company has always been a reliable employer over the years, despite any crises that came up. I also thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie with my coworkers and the pleasant working environment.”

Petra Schmidt began her career as a part draftsman
Petra Schmidt also began her training as a part draftsman on 07 August 1972, and even attended the same school as her anniversary colleague Peter Kaehler, in the same class. Petra Schmidt has fond memories of her time at Klingelnberg: “We had a wonderful training director at Klingelnberg back in the day, with a wealth of technical expertise. His wife was also one of our teachers in our school. Petra Schmidt also made her mark as a vocational training representative for young people from 1973 to 1975. Since 2000, she has been working as a technician in Application Development, where she focuses primarily on the documentation for Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers. She has also been a shop steward since 2000; she is actively engaged in working with the Council of Employees with Disabilities. Petra Schmidt summed up her time at Klingelnberg with these words: “It has always been a pleasure to work at Klingelnberg.”

Looking Back on 2022
Highlights in 2022 included the inauguration of the new machine hall at the Winterhagen-Hückeswagen site with its integrated Logistics. In just ten months, the new hall was built and was officially opened on 12 September 2022, with the assembly launch of the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine RAPID 1600 and the VIPER 500. Klingelnberg also attended many international trade shows in 2022, in Germany, the USA, and Japan, among others, where the company showcased the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper, the Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center P 40, and the newly developed Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300. The systems supplier also presented its own Gear Seminar series in China and Turkey again last year. With trade events provided free of charge under the GEAR Seminar brand, Klingelnberg offers knowledge forums covering all aspects of gear technology. During the popular live events, Klingelnberg experts bring their customers up-to-date on current technologies, trending topics, and innovations in bevel gear technology, cylindrical gear technology and gear measuring technology.

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