KLINGELNBERG Precision Measuring Technology for Mid-Sized Gears

Due to the worldwide expansion of wind energy production, the demand for large components is experiencing tremendous growth in the gear sector. A logical consequence of this is the targeted introduction of high-volume processes in large-gear manufacturing. The Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center P 152, designed for gears with a maximum outside diameter up to 1,520 mm and weighing up to 8,000 kg, offers an innovative solution here.

The newest member of the P-series family is capable of measuring components with a maximum outside diameter of 1,520 mm and workpiece weights up to 8,000 kg with the usual precision, making use of principles applied in large-scale and mass production. This extremely flexible machine requires no foundation and can be placed on an integrated vibration isolation platform if required. All in all, the Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers offer every possibility for flexible, accurate, and fast measurements. For more information, please visit: Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center.

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