Again this year, the "Who's Who" of the gear industry will meet up at the Gear Expo in Detroit, Michigan (USA), for an exclusive professional exchange. In over 20 years, the trade show has evolved into an important industry forum and has been one of the 50 fastest growing trade show events in the United States since 2013. The mechanical engineering company Klingelnberg will also be exhibiting its innovative capability at the expo from October 20 to 22, with a presentation of cutting-edge technology "made in Germany" in the form of the G 30 bevel gear grinding machine and the P 40 precision measuring center.

It's a forum for experts by experts: Klingelnberg, a family-run business that fulfills the role of technology leader in the gear industry, utilizes this platform for an intense professional exchange on equal footing. Not only will visitors to stand 1410 encounter a team of Klingelnberg experts who are available for professional dialog, but Klingelnberg will also unveil its "home-made" cutting-edge technology from two different business units with its G 30 bevel gear grinding machine and P 40 precision measuring center. 

G 30 bevel gear grinding machine: Cutting-edge technology for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity
In continuously advancing the vertical concept in the Oerlikon G 30 Bevel Gear Grinding Machine, Klingelnberg sets the standard for grinding technology. All bevel gear machines in this series are also equipped with a heat-stable, vibration-damping machine bed. An optimized axis arrangement ensures reduced approach paths and thus significantly less load on the drive components – and a stiffer design of the overall system. The G 30 can be optionally equipped with a side loading door, allowing for easy loading in automatic mode using a machine-integrated loading shuttle or handling robot. For series production, the machine also offers a range of process monitoring functions.

Another highlight of this machine series is its newly developed operating concept and ultra-modern control technology. The touchscreen display and the innovative concept make the G 30 more intuitive to operate compared with standards commonly found on the market. 

P 40 Precision Measuring Center: Cutting-edge technology for maximum safety and precision
Maintaining a close-to-market presence at all times and early implementation of market requirements – with this in mind, Klingelnberg has continued to develop the P 40 measuring center, which has enjoyed commercial success for a number of years already. A height-adjustable electric control console and the vibration isolation that can be integrated, now provide even better prerequisites for shop-floor use in the new P 40.

The fully automatic CNC-controlled precision measuring center is designed as a compact unit for the workpiece diameter range up to 400 mm. At the heart of the P 40 is an accurate, durable rotary table. Configured as a measuring axis (C axis), it provides concentric seating of the workpieces to be tested. In combination with the three linear measuring axes, tangential (X axis), radial (Y axis) and vertical (Z axis), the precision measuring centers trace and inspect the functional surfaces of gearings and general drive components in generator mode. This guarantees maximum measuring accuracy and reproducibility. All Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers are equipped with heavy-duty, stable beds and guide bodies made of cast iron. At the same time, all bearings and guides are backlash-free at the measuring axes. These form the basis for the measuring centers' high basic mechanical accuracy. The integrated 3-D measurement system enables both discrete-point probing and scanning, continuous measured value logging. The powerful GINA software makes it possible to evaluate the results quickly and easily. 

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