The second edition of Klingelnberg's "GEARS inline" magazine is now available, just in time for the major autumn trade shows such as Gear Expo and EMO. The 36-page magazine focuses on the leading topic of "Industry 4.0", and is again providing engineers with production optimization suggestions – in a sweeping synopsis of current manufacturing topics at Klingelnberg in the areas of bevel gear and cylindrical gear technology, drive engineering and precision measuring technology.

In the gear cutting industry, products are becoming increasingly specialized, and manufacturing processes are becoming difficult to manage accordingly – a development that calls for new ways of thinking so that customized products can be manufactured efficiently, at the right time and with a high quality standard. This is why the second edition of "GEARS inline" is focusing on the topic of "Industry 4.0."

In this top-quality trade magazine, Klingelnberg engineers, the company’s customers and external experts come together to discuss questions pertaining to application-optimized bevel gear design. For example: How can the power-to-weight ratio of final drives undergo further improvement without increasing the gearbox volume that is required? The answer can be found in cyber-physical systems: An increasingly accurate mathematical examination of the loads on the teeth makes it possible for the load-bearing capacity of the material to be utilized even more effectively. A digital twin of the bevel gear to be manufactured is therefore produced during the design phase. The article "Lapping or Grinding?" explains the importance of the accuracy of the data and the choice of hard finishing methods. And the interview with Alex Humbel, CEO of Humbel Zahnräder AG concerning the use of the VIPER 500 shows the importance of flexibility in production. The article entitled "Cost-effective Production of Bevel Gears in Extremely Small Batches" explains that manufacturing can be economical and flexible while maintaining high quality, even in extremely small batches. The article concerning the "Complete Inspection of Axially Symmetrical Components on a Machine" finally completes the circle between the digital world and the real world – because measuring technology bringing them both into harmony.

Curious? The latest "GEARS inline" is now available for ordering from the marketing department. Call 02192 81-0 or send us an e-mail at info(at) with "GEARS inline" in the subject line.

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