Featuring 2,000 exhibiting companies, the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is a major exhibition platform in the mechanical engineering industry. The event is held every two years in Chicago, IL, USA. Again this year, KLINGELNBERG will be there to present its versatile machine line-up in operation at booth N-6827. This year's focus will be "Solutions for the automotive industry" and "Solutions for small-batch gear manufacturers." 

Demanding requirements in the automotive industry 
Every day, manufacturers in the automotive industry are faced with challenges for which appropriate solutions must be found while continually improving power consumption and significantly lowering exhaust emissions. Not only do engines for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles have to meet stringent environmental standards, they must also maintain the defined performance standard or even increase it in the best case. To achieve these lofty goals, Klingelnberg offers an extensive portfolio of appropriate solutions:

Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30: Leading-edge technology for optimal flexibility and maximum productivity
In cars, spiral bevel gears are used in all-wheel-drive systems and rear-wheel-drive systems to transmit torque "from the transmission to the road." Due to increasing performance requirements, these drives must transmit outputs of over 300 kW in some cases. The bevel gears they use must be efficient, smooth-running, and low-maintenance. 

Thanks to ongoing advancement of the vertical concept, the Oerlikon C 30 bevel gear cutting machine sets new standards in dry processing.  All  machines in this series are equipped with a thermostable, vibration-damping machine bed. An optimized axis arrangement also ensures reduced approach paths and thus significantly less load on the drive components – and a more rigid design of the overall system. Moreover, an integrated deburring tool enables maximum productivity and utmost process safety through the use of the PULSAR method. 

Precision Measuring Center P 40 : Cutting-edge technology for maximum safety and precision, featuring a new graphical user interface
The fully automatic CNC-controlled precision measuring center is designed as a compact unit for the workpiece diameter range up to 400 mm. At the heart of the P 40 is an accurate, durable rotary table. Configured as a measuring axis (C axis), it provides concentric seating of the workpieces to be tested. 

All precision measuring centers are now equipped with new versions of the calibration software and an advanced graphical user interface. The new Windows user interface, soon to be established on the market under the "EasyStart" brand, allows the machine operator to operate the machine in a manner that is both significantly easier and target-oriented. A clearly structured user interface, displayed by a tiled layout with appropriate symbols for the specific measuring application, ensures a quick and easy program start on the gear measuring machine. Most machine operators will already be familiar with this type of application from the current general Windows system interface.

Optimized small batch production
The industrial gear unit sector comprises many different applications, all of which place great demands on the reliability of gear wheels. The cylindrical gears for these sectors are often produced by companies specializing in small batch sizes and a variety of products. A stiff machine design and flexible, cost-effective tool systems are the keys to success for ranking among the market leaders in these sectors. With the VIPER 500 machine variants, Klingelnberg has developed a modular technology platform that gives contract gear manufacturers in particular a leg up on the competition thanks to maximum process efficiency and unparalleled production quality.

Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine VIPER 500 W: Leading technology for a fast, efficient production process
The VIPER 500 W cylindrical gear grinding machine is designed for component diameters up to 500 mm and specifically for small to medium-sized batches. To suit individual requirements, the machine is available in three different configurations: profile grinding, small grinding wheels for custom jobs, and multiple-wheel technology (K) as well as generation grinding (W). The VIPER 500 W configuration allows both profile grinding and continuous generation grinding on the same machine – with minimal retooling time. 

On all variants, the optional internal gear grinding arm allows retooling from external to internal gearing. Moreover, the special machine axis arrangement is a contributing factor in the machine's tried-and-tested precision and consistent quality, as well as tremendous flexibility. The highly dynamic axes allow optimized 5-axis machining of an entire range of modifications in the shortest possible grinding time. 

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