The KLINGELNBERG Group will be presenting its products at the IMTEX exhibition in Bangalore, India, from January 26 to February 1, 2017.  One of the largest exhibitions for the metal-cutting industry in South and Southeast Asia, the week-long trade show presents the complete spectrum of products and technologies in the machining industry. 

Represented by its Indian subsidiary, Klingelnberg India, Klingelnberg will also be presenting its versatile product line-up in hall 3A on stand B-111. Visitors can look forward to three machine highlights at once. In addition to the C 30 bevel gear cutting machine, which is already established in the market, and the CS 200 cutter head setting and checking device, the company will be unveiling top-class developments in gear measuring technology in the Indian market:

Gear measuring technology in a class of its own

The roughness measurement system, which has been a fixture at Klingelnberg for quite some time, has undergone further development and refinement, meaning that roughness measurements can now also be performed in a fully automatic process on gear teeth as small as module 0.9. Even the most intricate structures on barrel-finished gear teeth can be measured and evaluated with the utmost precision. Systematic roughness testing is possible on these types of gear teeth.

Industry 4.0: Digitizing production

Yet another development from the system supplier makes it possible to network a cylindrical gear machine directly with a measuring device. This technology was previously reserved for bevel gear machines. The Closed Loop concept long established at Klingelnberg has now been expanded to include cylindrical gears, combining machine tools with the measuring machine. Klingelnberg is therefore consistently forging ahead with digitization in gear manufacturing. The Closed Loop concept for cylindrical gears is based on an open interface and automates machine corrections.

"Child's Play" to operate thanks to its intuitive user interface 

Since 2016, all precision measuring centers have also been equipped with new versions of the calibration software and modern graphical user interface. The new Windows user interface makes machine operation significantly easier and target-oriented. The interface, branded as “EasyStart,” was first unveiled at the Control exhibition in Stuttgart in May 2016, followed by showings at IMTS in Chicago and JIMTOF in Tokyo in the fall of 2016. A clearly structured user interface, featuring a tiled layout and a distinct set of symbols for each measuring application, ensures that the program can be started up quickly and easily on the gear measuring machine.  

Superior cutting technology for bevel gears: optimal flexibility and maximum productivity in the automotive industry

In cars, spiral bevel gears are used in all-wheel-drive systems and rear-wheel-drive systems to transmit torque “from the transmission to the road.” Due to increasing performance requirements, these drives must be able to transmit output of more than 300 kW in some cases. The bevel gears must be efficient, smooth-running, and low-maintenance.

Klingelnberg provides the perfect solution: Thanks to continuous development of the vertical concept, the Oerlikon C 30 bevel gear cutting machine sets new standards in dry processing.  Every machine in this model series is equipped with a thermostable, vibration-damping machine bed. An optimized axis arrangement provides reduced approach paths and therefore significantly less load on the drive components – and increases the rigidity of the overall system at the same time. Moreover, an integrated deburring tool provides maximum productivity and the utmost process safety through the use of the PULSAR method. For Klingelnberg, it is also extremely important for all machine tools to be service and maintenance-friendly. The advanced machine design simplifies maintenance work, significantly reduces the need to procure spare parts, and achieves maximum energy efficiency.

High-quality components thanks to perfect cutter head settings

Particularly in the case of dry cutting, high gear cutting quality and a long service life can only be achieved with accurate cutter head settings. The Oerlikon CS 200 cutter head setting and checking device allows cutter heads to be set up quickly and easily, and the position of each blade to be checked and documented. The device, which has been designed on the basis of modern CNC-controlled axes, does all this in a semi-automated operation. The device itself performs most of the actual stick blade setup using a patented process.

Klingelnberg at the IMTEX exhibition, hall 3A, stand B-111

“For years the IMTEX show has been a prestigious platform for us to develop new business relations, learn from others and share our experience, and, of course, expand our customer base,” emphasizes Prasad Kizhakel, Managing Director of Klingelnberg India. “We are looking forward to many interesting discussions.” 

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