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From experts for experts: Klingelnberg at the VDI "Gear Measuring Technology 2017" symposium

From October 17 to 18, 2017, experts will again gather in Leonberg/Stuttgart for the VDI "Gear Measuring Technology" symposium, now in its 6th year, to discuss current issues. Specialists from systems supplier Klingelnberg are also taking advantage of this wellestablished industry meeting point to present the latest trends and developments in gear measuring technology.

Whether in the automotive industry, plant construction, or mechanical engineering – gears are elementary components in gearboxes, making them an indispensable mass product. How to improve the efficiency of gearboxes and their noise emissions through a well-timed gearing is and will continue to be a "perennial issue" among experts. That is why the 6th VDI "Gear Measuring Technology 2017" symposium will once again focus on the latest trends and developments in measurement and inspection of toothed gears and gearings.

The key topics at this year's symposium represent a broad range of current questions: At the two-day event, industry experts will present the current status of gearing standards and Industry 4.0 solutions such as the Gear-Data-Exchange-Format (GDE) and will also impart their expertise in the areas of "sensors and optics" as well as "waviness, noise, and roughness measurement." In the context of this latter topic area, Dipl.-Ing. Georg Mies, Head of Development for Precision Measuring Centers at Klingelnberg, will present a detailed
examination of roughness measurement on gearings in particular. He will discuss general requirements for roughness measurement and requirements specific to series production of gears, highlight the advantages and drawbacks of no-contact systems and skid systems, and explain how the variously standardized parameters can be used for gear analysis.

Under the broad thematic range of "production-integrated measuring technology," Dr.-Ing. Christof Gorgels, Engineering Director Measuring Machines Division at Klingelnberg, will present one of the latest innovations from Klingelnberg: application of the Closed Loop process in cylindrical gear machining. Systematic linking of production and measuring technology enables a continuous flow of data on the shop floor in the spirit of the Industry 4.0 philosophy, forming the basis for significant productivity improvements.

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