Industry 4.0 experience – live at Klingelnberg plant in Ettlingen

From April 18 to 19, 2018, international experts from the automotive industry were inspired by the system supplier’s industry-specific solutions at Klingelnberg’s Ettlingen Oberweier plant. In keeping with the theme of “High-production generating grinding in large-scale production – quiet gearing with Klingelnberg Industry 4.0 solutions,” the main attraction of the event was the market launch of the Speed Viper2 cylindrical gear generating grinding machine featuring the dual-spindle concept. On either side stood additional exhibits from the Höfler cylindrical gear and Oerlikon bevel gear machine lines, precision measuring centers from Klingelnberg and innovative production concepts such as Smart Tooling and Closed Loop.

A winner of the iF-Design Award, the Speed Viper cylindrical gear generating grinding machine was developed by Klingelnberg with a special focus on high-production generating grinding. The innovative machine concept was presented to a large audience for the first time at EMO 2017 in Hanover, Germany. The solution provider took the opportunity of this two-day workshop to present further innovations to its customers in a targeted, application-centered setting. The dual-spindle concept of the Speed Viper² is especially designed to meet the productivity requirements of the automotive industry and its suppliers. Whereas the single-spindle machines offer high versatility and short set-up times, the dual-spindle machines are designed for large-scale production and minimal cycle times. In a number of interesting live demonstrations, over 100 gear experts from throughout Europe, Asia and the USA had an opportunity during the two-day event to design their own generating grinding process on the single- and dual-spindle machines on display: Speed Viper 300, Speed Viper 180 and Speed Viper2 80.

Cylindrical gear production in the Industry 4.0 concept
The innovative production philosophy manifested in the Speed Viper establishes a solid basis for quiet gearing in the Industry 4.0 production environment. This is because the Speed Viper works with Klingelnberg precision measuring centers in the fully automatic, corrective Closed Loop. The experts from Klingelnberg presented this technology using the P 40 precision measuring center on display. And Smart Tooling, the digital tool management system from Klingelnberg, ensures outstanding quality management throughout the process, since it provides a precise overview of the tool status at any time – another key component of the Industry 4.0 concept.

Greater versatility on the shop floor
In the presentation areas at the Ettlingen plant, workshop participants were also able to see for themselves what efficiency gains can be achieved in gear production thanks to modern technology. For example, in addition to the well-known and established bevel gear methods for large-scale production, the Oerlikon C 30 bevel gear cutting machine can also be used for machining cylindrical gears. As a complete machine tool, the Höfler TM 65 likewise surpasses virtually every competitor when it comes to versatility due to its ability to produce any type of complex gear bodies from bar stock in a complete machining process.

Interesting talks in a relaxed atmosphere
A series of timely talks on interesting technological topics rounded off the direct impressions participants gained from the machines on site. Participants also took advantage of the opportunity to address specific issues with the gear specialists from Klingelnberg and to discuss application questions in a practical setting.

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