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Dedicated section of magazine for new division: Digital Unit now in GEARS inline

The latest issue of GEARS inline features a section dedicated to the new Digital Unit division. In the age of Industry 4.0, solutions for networked production systems are becoming increasingly important. This requires skills for developing innovative software systems. Klingelnberg has pooled this expertise in its new Digital Unit division – with the aim of continuing to be a trailblazer for modern, software-driven production processes. 

As anyone facing the challenges of efficient gear production knows: the future belongs to networked production systems that are based on innovative software systems. That is why the digitization and virtualization of gear cutting processes are of utmost priority for Klingelnberg. And why the new Digital Unit division is already pressing ahead with innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

New Digital Unit division
In this issue, the magazine's new Digital Unit section highlights the potential of the GearEngine® approach and explains how integrating information sources for components, processes and production equipment provides answers to important questions. It discusses in detail the key aspects in which the SmartTooling tool management system differs from conventional solutions. It also presents the Gear Designer and Gear Operator software, two key pillars for the Closed Loop Production System in the latest generation of machines, the Speed Viper family.

The innovative Speed Viper platform
In an interview, Martin Boelter, Chief Operating Officer, and Christoph Kühlewein, Manager of Application Engineering Cylindrical Gears, shed light on the aspects, goals and requirements that were key topics in the development of this latest generation of machines. They also reveal how Klingelnberg succeeded in generating genuine improvements in productivity, rather than simply allowing the Speed Viper to become a me-too product in an already crowded market segment.

Hybrid technology for tactile and optical measuring technology
Just as innovative as the Speed Viper is the new hybrid technology for tactile and optical measuring, in which Klingelnberg has combined two powerful, perfectly complementary measuring technologies in a single machine. Decades of experience with various optical measuring methods has shown that tactile measurement cannot be completely replaced by optical measuring. So Klingelnberg has opted for a hybrid solution. The article not only describes the path taken by Klingelnberg to develop this solution, but also explains the real technology behind it.

Often underestimated, but increasingly important: deburring
Component deburring is a topic that is generally (still) underestimated. In order to be truly effective and economical, deburring must take place in one clamping directly on the cutting machine. The solutions here are becoming increasingly versatile. The article Deburring shows how complex this seemingly simple task can turn out to be, and how a new deburring concept provides for enhanced efficiency.

The latest GEARS inline – order now!
The latest issue of GEARS inline again focuses on the big and small challenges of efficient and effective gear production. A close look at the details identifies the possibilities and potential in the production process that are being used today to lay the foundations for tomorrow’s production. You can now order the latest issue from the Klingelnberg Marketing department by sending an e-mail to marketing(at) with “GEARS inline” in the subject line. We hope you enjoy reading the new issue!

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