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Klingelnberg to present latest innovations at Japan’s JIMTOF in Hall E1082

This year’s Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF), which will be held in Tokyo from November 1 to 6, 2018, will serve as the venue for machine manufacturer Klingelnberg to introduce its latest innovations to Asia. In Hall E1082, the system provider will present the Höfler Speed Viper 300 cylindrical gear generating grinding machine with Koenig Automation, which is designed for high-production generating grinding in the large-scale series. The solution provider will also be exhibiting its Klingelnberg P 16 Precision Measuring Center for measuring small workpieces.

Since 1962, this biennial trade fair for machine tools has provided a meeting place for machine manufacturing experts from around the globe. The exhibition center itself has over 800 exhibitors altogether with a total floor space of 100,000 square meters. For years, Klingelnberg has been taking advantage of this forum to present its innovations to industry specialists in Japan.

Höfler Speed Viper 300 cylindrical gear grinding machine with Closed Loop technology
The new Speed Viper generation is designed for high productivity and robustness of the grinding process and therefore fulfills all of the requirements that are needed in modern large-scale production: short set-up times, minimum cycle times, innovative software solutions, and digital process control in a Closed Loop system.

In doing so, the Speed Viper platform is optimally designed for the Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment. This most recent development makes it possible to connect cylindrical gear machines directly to the measuring devices. This technology is already being used successfully in bevel gear manufacturing. By transferring the Closed Loop concept established by Klingelnberg to the world of cylindrical gears, the mechanical engineering company has made another systematic step toward digitalization in gear manufacturing. Due to a wide variety of associated applications and software, Klingelnberg is implementing central production control using its cyber-physical production system, which will standardize rating results on different machines and even in different plants. Depending on the model, Speed Viper is designed for maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180, and 300 mm. These match the standard component sizes of the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors and their suppliers, for whom the Speed Viper is mainly intended. They also perfectly meet the stringent productivity requirements of this industry. However, the series is also ideal for cylindrical gears in industrial transmissions and for robotic applications.

Klingelnberg P 16 Precision Measuring Center – efficient measurement of small components
The fully automatic CNC-controlled P 16 precision measuring center is designed as a compact unit for the workpiece diameter range up to 160 mm. The machine is used to inspect cylindrical gears, pinion type cutters, cylindrical worms and worm wheels, hobs, bevel gears, general dimension, shape, and positional deviations of axially symmetrical workpieces, as well as crankshaft and camshaft measurement and rotor measurement.

Thanks to a newly developed workpiece clamping system which is optimally adapted to accommodate small workpieces, there is no need for a counter support. This allowed Klingelnberg to design a relatively small machine. The workpiece fixture of small components is often accomplished using a chuck. For this reason, Klingelnberg developed an innovative electrical clamping system for the P 16 that has been integrated into the workpiece axis. This clamping system is suitable both for circular and cylindrical components, as well as for mounting short shafts.

With the new Precision Measuring Center, Klingelnberg is targeting industries that are facing increasingly high requirements for precision in series production. Thus the P 16 is designed specifically to meet the requirements of small components needed particularly in the automotive, power tool, pump, e-mobility and small drives market segments.

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