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Control 2019: KLINGELNBERG presents forward-looking Industry 4.0 solutions in measuring technology

Headlined as “Control 2019 – Networking Science and Actual Practice,” the 33rd international trade fair for quality assurance will take place in Stuttgart from May 7 through May 10, 2019. Klingelnberg and its portfolio of products and services will also be present – in Hall 6, booth 6306, where the company will be exhibiting forward-looking Industry 4.0 solutions in measuring technology. 

Klingelnberg will open its exhibit with no less than four measuring machines and numerous add-on options. The solutions provider’s “exhibition trunk” will include the P 16, P 26, P 40, and P 100 G Precision Measuring Centers, featuring an optimized machine design. Just this March (2018), the design earned Klingelnberg the iF Design Award, which is presented annually by the iF International Forum Design in Hanover, Germany. This year’s show highlights include gear measurement for cylindrical gears using the Closed Loop method, the new hybrid technology for tactile and optical measuring technology, and solutions for measurement tasks beyond gear measurement.


P 16 – Precise measurement with Closed Loop technology for cylindrical gears
In extending the Closed Loop concept already established at Klingelnberg for bevel gears to the world of cylindrical gears, the machine manufacturing firm has linked machine tools to the measuring machine in this sector too. Thanks to a wide variety of associated applications and software, Klingelnberg has created a central production control system that standardizes machining results achieved on different machines, and even in different plants. Closed Loop thus uses a modern software architecture to allow data to be exchanged between design, production, quality assurance and statistical evaluation, and also actively to bring information to the consumer or, in a later development stage, to initiate process steps automatically. This totally integrated digital data exchange reduces the risks of error and guarantees complete reproducibility of all processes. 


P 26 – Hybrid technology: combining optical and tactile measuring technology 
The standards in gear measuring technology are extremely high, requiring accuracies in the nanometer range on the one hand, and short measuring times with a higher information density on the other hand. To meet this challenge, Klingelnberg launched a new hybrid technology in 2018 that combines the advantages of both tactile and optical measuring technology. The advantage of rapid sampling by the optical sensor is combined with the flexibility and extremely high accuracy of the 3D NANOSCAN tactile sensor system. This ensures that the new, highly appealing potential of optical measurement can be utilized without compromising the measuring accuracy. The hybrid system is designed so that the optical sensors can be adapted in a variety of ways. Klingelnberg avoided committing to one sensor principle only. Thanks to a high-speed scanning sensor, any number of axially symmetrical components can be digitized through rapid scanning with an extremely high point density. The “Optical Measurement” option includes the HIGHSPEED OPTOSCAN optical sensor with a rapid change feed unit, the software for sampling and visualizing the measured point cloud, and the GOM-3D evaluation software.


P 100 G – Measurement tasks beyond gears 
The “G variant” Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers are specifically designed for measurement tasks beyond gears, making them well-suited for measuring axially symmetrical components. The software for standard dimensional measurement tasks and form and position measurements included in the machine’s scope of delivery also covers special evaluations such as Fourier analysis. In addition to dimensional measurement tasks, even complex contour and surface measurements can be measured in a single clamping. This is ideal in particular for the high precision requirements in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, as well as in mechanical engineering and plant engineering. But this range will also appeal to all manufacturers of rolling bearings.

That is because it enables rolling bearings and rolling bearing elements to be accurately analyzed and measured to an extremely high degree of precision. The particular advantage lies not only in the high-precision form measurement but also in the capability of performing roughness measurements (both internal and external) fully automatically in the integrated measuring runs, even on large components. Based on the manufacturer data and specifications, measuring runs are created automatically with conclusive protocols based on current standards and regulations. The series variations and quality grades of the bearings are fully supported by the innovative KLINGELNBERG software. Additional measurement tasks based on specific requirements of the bearing manufacturer can also be implemented with ease. 


P 40 – Proven solutions for gear measurement
Last but not least, Klingelnberg will be presenting the proven P 40 series of precision measuring centers for small diameter ranges to the international audience in Stuttgart – optimal solutions for quality management processes on gears that are guaranteed to ensure future success. The machine and software concept of the P series is optimized for measurement of complex drive components. The technology replaces up to six conventional measuring machines: gear measurement, general coordinate measurement, optical measurement, form and position measurement, roughness measurement, and contour measurement. These measurement tasks can be fully automated in a single clamping.

All machine models can be enhanced with custom options and feature specifications that make them ideal for performing measurements in the production environment. Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers stand out for their patented, high-precision 3D NANOSCAN probe system as well as their easy-to-use roughness probe systems for external and internal measurements. This solution brings Klingelnberg close to the market, and the user. The P series is a widely used standard in the industry – for good reason – and also serves as a reference for metrology institutes.


Hall 6, Booth 6306: Experience expertise and technical know-howAt Booth 6306 in Hall 6, Klingelnberg will also be presenting its services and software solutions, alongside the measuring centers. As usual, Dr.-Ing. Günther Gravel, Head of the Institute for Production Technology at the University for Applied Sciences (HAW Hamburg) will be on site as a measured value analysis expert. Again in 2019, he will be available at the Klingelnberg booth for two entire days of the exhibition to offer his technical expertise and take part in lively discussions.

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