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World first at KLINGELNBERG: up to 30% reduction in cylindrical gear measurement time with Klingelnberg Optical Metrology

Klingelnberg Optical Metrology successfully combines the advantages of tactile and optical measurement in one system. With the precision of the tactile 3D NANOSCAN and the speed of the optical HISPEED OPTOSCAN, Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers are ideally equipped to handle all measurement tasks. Now the development engineers at Klingelnberg have gone one step further. Through an ingenious combination of optical and tactile measurement, the total measuring time for cylindrical gear measurements can be reduced by up to 30% without compromising accuracy.
Decades of the system supplier's experience have shown that tactile measurement cannot be fully replaced by an optical measurement method. That is why Klingelnberg has opted for a hybrid solution combining the best of both measurement types. A prerequisite for such a system is a rapid changeover from one method to the other. Thus the precision measuring centers combine conventional and modern analysis methods for gearings with fast, automated sensor changeover.

Measuring cylindrical gears up to 30% faster
The two methods are now also applied in rapid succession for cylindrical gear measurements. Specifically, this can be illustrated using an application example taken from e-mobility: for a gear with 48 teeth, the total measuring time can be reduced from 2.5 minutes to 90 seconds. To achieve this, the time-intensive measurements are performed in a very targeted manner with the optical sensors and are significantly reduced as a result, by up to 90% in the ideal case. Measurement tasks in which tactile measurement presents advantages with respect to measurement time, flexibility or accuracy are performed in turn using the tactile method.

The fact that this operational sequence has been integrated into the world-renowned Klingelnberg cylindrical gear software is particularly noteworthy. As a result, the measurement methods are combined in a fully automatic, time-optimized manner, simply by making the appropriate selection. No special knowledge of optical measuring technology is required for data input and operation.

Cylindrical gear measurement with Klingelnberg Optical Metrology will be presented to a broad audience for the first time at the EMO Hannover trade show in Hall 26, booth B110.

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