KLINGELNBERG with new impetus from the world of measuring technology

For decades, users in a broad array of industries have relied on Klingelnberg’s proven measuring technology, which replaces up to six conventional measuring devices. The result is fully automatic execution in a single clamping of gear measurement, optical measurement, general coordinate measurement, form and positional measurement, roughness measurement and contour measurement. The measuring technology and machine design are the same for the entire P-series line of precision measuring centers and can be customized with add-on options. In the G series version, Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers are perfectly suited to production processes that require not just dimensional measurement tasks, but particularly complex form and surface measurements in large numbers.

P 16 G – Solutions for complete measurements of roller bearings
Roller bearings have to perform several different tasks at once: they have to ensure high stability for shafts while providing low power losses and high durability. The resulting requirements concerning material, geometry, form accuracy and surface roughness represent a particular challenge for manufacturing, as current quality standards require the use of a number of different precision measuring devices. Dimensions are therefore measured on a coordinate measuring machine, form and noise emission on a form tester, surface roughness on a surface tester and contours (e.g. edge radius) on a contour measuring station.

Reduction of process costs by up to 46 %
Klingelnberg follows the approach of executing these processes in one stage as a complete measurement (Done-in-One). A Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center is capable of fast measurement of dimensions, shape, contour and surface roughness in one automated cycle. This reduces the investment costs and helps to reduce the process costs by up to 46% compared to current practices in the industry. Furthermore, Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers also ensure the required measuring accuracy when used directly on the shop floor. Not only does this save on air-conditioning costs, but the measuring center can also be directly integrated into the production process. Thanks to the rugged design of the Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers, costs for maintenance and calibration are minimized, and this in turn positively impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO).

P 26 – Cut measuring time with Klingelnberg Optical Metrology
To be equipped for all measurement tasks, Klingelnberg combines HISPEED OPTOSCAN optical measuring technology with the established, high-precision 3D NANOSCAN probing system. This system incorporates maximum precision with the required robustness for a production environment. Thanks to the high-speed changeover feature, the optimal measurement system can be used for every task.

Up to 40 % reduction in measuring time for cylindrical gears without compromising accuracy
The two methods are also applied in rapid succession for cylindrical gear measurements. Specifically, this can be illustrated using an application example taken from e-mobility: for a toothed gear with 54 teeth, the total measuring time can be reduced from 2.5 minutes to 90 seconds. To achieve this, the time-intensive measurements are performed in a very targeted manner with the optical sensors and are significantly reduced as a result, by up to 90 % in the ideal case.

Measurement tasks in which tactile measurement presents advantages with respect to measurement time, flexibility or accuracy are performed in turn using the tactile method. The fact that this operational sequence has been integrated into the world-renowned Klingelnberg cylindrical gear software is particularly noteworthy. As a result, the measurement methods are combined in a fully automatic, time-optimized manner, simply by making the appropriate selection. No special knowledge of optical measuring technology is required for data input and operation.

P 100 – Innovative measurement solutions for large components
Whether making gearings for rail transport, the wind power industry, printing machines or the mining industry – the fully automatic CNC-controlled P 100 precision measuring center is the perfect fit. Highly precise, reliable and compact, and available with the whole range of software and hardware options, this precision measuring center ensures that all universal requirements will be met, even for job shoppers. Long workpieces can easily be clamped between centers and reliably measured thanks to a long vertical axis measuring up to 1,200 mm. The high-precision rotary table allows the P 100 to be used as a full-fledged form measurement device. In addition to precise, thermo-homogeneous mechanical parts, an integrated vibration isolation system, temperature-neutral measurement systems, workpiece temperature logging and a sophisticated temperature model in the machine ensure highly precise measurements – in or out of the measuring rooms.

The robust design and a unique collision protection mechanism for the probing system allow the machine to be used directly on the production floor. This effectively reduces foot traffic and maintenance times and eliminates costs for measuring rooms and air-conditioning. Thanks to the automatic interchangeable roughness probe systems, comprehensive quality measurement of external and internal bearing points is realized, in addition to geometry and form measurement. Scans in all planes enable fast, correct reading of tooth root fillets, radii, grinding recesses and chamfers. Last but not least, the P 100 precision measuring centers can also be equipped with rapid optical pitch measurement. This makes all the difference, particularly for gearings with many teeth.

P 40 – Proven solutions in gear measurement
Stringent precision requirements for gearing measurements and increasingly complex drive components demand the best measuring technology available and a machine and software concept optimized for these applications. That's why leading manufacturers put their trust in Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Centers, which represent the most widely used standard in the industry, while also serving as the reference for metrology institutes. Simple, easy operation of the measuring centers is guaranteed for all applications. Not only does the entire model range stand out for its premium machine quality, but reliable quality assurance is also ensured throughout.

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