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Latest issue of GEARS inline: KLINGELNBERG looks to innovation

The seventh edition of “GEARS inline” is all about the big trends: Industry 4.0, automation, and electric drive concepts. New developments and advancements in individual machine and software components attest to Klingelnberg’s proven innovative strength as a system supplier that knows how to set standards with new technologies, ultra-efficient production processes, and Industry 4.0-capable complete solutions.
In the latest issue of GEARS inline, Klingelnberg brings innovative strength and technological leadership to the fore: complex challenges that require a long-term, sustainable approach from industry. These include the perennial trends of electromobility and Industry 4.0, among others. New technologies in these arenas are opening up opportunities for highly efficient production processes and product innovations.

Automation and electric drive concepts
The worldwide trend toward automation with electrical drive concepts also calls for brand-new technical solutions for torque transmission through drive components. The Spiral orm Drive is an exciting alternative to conventional worm wheel drives whose potential is currently being explored by Klingelnberg experts.

Highly efficient solutions
Time savings of up to 40 percent are achieved with Klingelnberg’s hybrid technology, enabling both tactile and optical measurement of gears on a single machine. Whereas the initial development stages of optical metrology were focused on applications used primarily in the lab, the solution now available is systematically oriented toward series application of cylindrical gear measurement.

For all axially symmetrical components, the P-Series Precision Measuring Centers systematically follow the approach of processing as many measurement tasks as possible on one machine.

Driving Industry 4.0 forward
Every Industry 4.0 production environment centers on high-quality production technologies, with innovative yet reliable digital solutions that ensure efficient production processes and the highest quality standards, even in challenging times. Klingelnberg is implementing more and more digital solutions and networking production and measuring machines in a Closed Loop production system, without ever leaving the upstream and downstream processes or secondary processes out of the equation. For example, the portfolio includes a digital tool management system, tools for comprehensive process documentation, and data interfaces that support edge computing.

What is already state-of-the-art in the bevel gear industry is now also taking the world of cylindrical gears by storm: Automated (correction) sequences as part of a Closed Loop now also provide an added measure of security and productivity in cylindrical drive component manufacturing. Here, machines such as the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper and the VIPER 500 are setting performance benchmarks across the board.

The latest GEARS inline – order now!
The latest issue of GEARS inline is dedicated to the innovations and technologies that support efficient, effective gear production, while providing a focused look at the challenges of forward-looking daily business operations. You can order the latest issue from the Marketing department right now – either by phoning 02192 81-0 or by sending an email to with “GEARS inline” in the subject line. We hope you enjoy reading the new issue!

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