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KLINGELNBERG at the AMB 2024 Trade Show in Stuttgart

It’s that time again! From 10 to 14 September 2024, AMB is opening its doors in Stuttgart to the who’s who of the metalworking industry. AMB has presented the highlights of international metalworking every other year since 1982. The trade show is the marketplace and meeting point where all facets of the latest products, technologies, innovations, services, and concepts are presented. AMB is supported by the promotional sponsoring associations VDMA Precision Tools, VDMA Software and Digitalization, and the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association (VDW). Klingelnberg will also be represented with an exhibition booth in Hall 5, Booth 5B22, where it will be presenting its latest developments. The exhibit will feature the Höfler Speed Viper Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine, the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300, and the Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center P 40, among others. 

Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper
Focusing on high-volume, large-scale generating grinding, the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Grinding Machine Speed Viper is available in three different machine models to suit individual requirements: Speed Viper 300 in a single-spindle configuration, and Speed Viper² 180 and 80 in a dual-spindle configuration. Speed Viper is designed for maximum workpiece diameters of 80, 180, and 300 mm, depending on the model. The Speed Viper² dual-spindle concept ensures minimal non-productive time, fulfilling the productivity requirements of the automotive industry. 

With a partial or full automation system, the Speed Viper can also be equipped with an automation interface that meets the VDMA 34180 standard. The Gear Operator machine software and a process-oriented navigation system via wizard technology make operation easy, even in the most complex applications. And last but not least, ultra-modern drive and control technology guarantees maximum energy efficiency.

Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 – The Gear Noise Finder
The metrology on the Höfler Cylindrical Gear Roll Testing Machine R 300 provides a reliable way to determine the root causes of gearbox noise. Due to the short measuring time, it can be easily integrated into any manufacturing process and enables 100 % quality control of the gears produced. The R 300 is designed for all roll testing processes that are relevant for evaluating the running behavior and noise behavior of gears. These include the single-flank test, the structure-borne noise test, and the torsional acceleration test. 

The double-flank test can also be performed if needed. Depending on its equipment, the R 300 enables testing of gears and shafts, a particularly important factor for components from an electric vehicle drivetrain system (eDrive). For testing the eDrive intermediate shaft, Klingelnberg will demonstrate a process for roll testing both gears on the shaft in one test cycle. This saves the time that would otherwise be required for a second loading and unloading and for re-tooling the machine, and reduces test costs.

Klingelnberg Precision Measuring Center with Hybrid Metrology P 40
Klingelnberg will also be presenting the tried-and-tested Precision Measuring Center P 40 with advanced hybrid metrology. Klingelnberg Hybrid Metrology is a smart combination of tactile and optical metrology. Using optical sensor technology developed specifically for gear measurement, it is now possible to quickly measure not only pitch, but also waviness on the tooth flanks. 

Quick changeover between the tactile 3D NANOSCAN stylus system and the HISPEED OPTOSCAN optical sensor enables economical operation and is the basis for flexible, fast, and highly accurate measurement under all conditions. KLINGELNBERG invites all interested attendees to visit the company in Hall 5, Booth B22 to experience the advantages of the products first hand. The Klingelnberg team of experts is looking forward to stimulating discussions and exchanges.

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