CS 200

Oerlikon Cutter Head Setting Device

Optimal cutterhead setting for long service life and high-quality gear teeth

The Oerlikon CS 200 cutter head setting and checking device makes it possible to set the individual blades quickly and easily, checks the position thereof and documents the measuring results. Through the combination of a semi-automated setting procedure, operator-guided setup actions and an automatic measuring procedure, cutter heads can be set easily, quickly and extremely accurately.


Oerlikon Cutter Head Setting Device CS 200

Compact checking device for use on the shop floor

  • Basic unit with cutter head clamping table, setting and measuring axes (Y/Z), 3D tracer head and operating unit and monitor
  • Control system comprising CNC control, PC system and direct drives on all axes
  • Measurement and positioning axes equipped with high-precision length and angle measuring systems as the basis for accurate setting and measuring results
  • Receiving cone on cutter head clamping table with tolerance compensation


Oerlikon Cutter Head Setting Device CS 200

Operator-guided setting and checking procedure

  • Graphic representation of cutter head design and measuring results with tolerance test
  • Instructions for the operator in plain text (no encrypted information)
  • Easy assignment of measuring results to blades
  • Documentation of setting and measuring results via printer
  • Setting and checking procedure suitable for stick blade heads of type
  • ARCON®, RSR, Spirapid, SPIRON®, TRI-AC®
  • Neutral data interface


Oerlikon Cutter Head Setting Device CS 200

Semi-automated setting procedure

  • Combined measuring device and slider for positioning blades and checking position (patented)
  • Simultaneous measurement of blade tip height and output of axial runout diagram during setup process
  • Short ground-to-ground setup times for a cutter head


Oerlikon Cutter Head Setting Device CS 200

Module for manufacturing bevel gears using the Closed Loop Method

  • Target/actual comparison of blade contour on the BC 12 blade profile checking device
  • Data feedback to the blade grinding device model B 27 and performance of a correction grind
  • Positioning and setting of blades in the cutter head base body via the CS 200 setting device
  • Use of the set-up cutter head on a bevel gear cutting machine
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