B 27

Oerlikon Blade Grinding Machine

Grinding machine for stick blades from any bevel gear type

Maximum precision, economic production, multi-grinding methods, compact machine layout and automatic handling are the key features of the Oerlikon B 27 stick blade grinding machine, which has been designed for grinding the HSS and carbide blades that are used to cut spiral and hypoid gears in any system. The intelligent machine concept which is designed for robustness is the guarantee of maximum profile and repetition accuracy, while at the same time providing the shortest machining times.


Oerlikon Blade Grinding Machine B 27

Robust, compact machine design

  • Intelligent machine design ensures maximum profile and repetition accuracy while at the same time providing the shortest machining times
  • Blades for bevel gear and power skiving cutter heads can be made with all standard blade cross sections from approx. 5 x 9 mm to 19.05 x 27.94 mm
  • Maximum precision with maximum efficiency
  • Process has been tested and approved around the world


Oerlikon Blade Grinding Machine B 27

Multi-grinding methods for an economical production

  • Designed for grinding HSS and carbide blades (Oerlikon FS, FN, FSS, ARCON®, SPIRON®, RSR®, TRI-AC® and PENTAC®) for cutting spiral and hypoid gears of all systems
  • The machine operates using the profile grinding method with dressable corundum grinding wheels as well as in generating mode with CBN or diamond dual grinding wheels
  • Use of Effgen Dual grinding wheels ensures high repeatability when grinding stick blade profiles and low wear with maximum accuracy


Oerlikon Blade Grinding Machine B 27

Automatic workpiece handling

  • Cost-effective production of tools thanks to internal automation
  • Tool handling station can be loaded with up to 528 blades
  • Once saved, the geometry and technological data are retrieved automatically by the cassette encoding
  • Unmanned operation up to three shifts possible


Oerlikon Blade Grinding Machine B 27

Module for manufacturing bevel gears using the Closed Loop Method

  • Blade quality guaranteed and documented at the start of the production chain, even for new designs
  • Grinding and measuring of blades directly according to KIMoS nominal data
  • No manual input of blade geometry or correction data required
  • Manual data input option for common third-party formats
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