L 60

Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine

Highly efficient lapping of spiral-bevel and hypoid gear sets

The bevel gear lapping machine is designed to allow all operational tasks, loading, unloading, and lapping compound replacement to be carried out from the front of the machine. This opens up completely new ways of setting up the machine shop. In addition to the machine design itself, which primarily minimizes the active space requirements, special emphasis was placed on optimizing the passive footprint so that the individual machines can be arranged closer together, therefore reducing unproductive areas and distances for the operating personnel.


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine L 60

User-friendly machine design

  • All operational tasks, such as loading, unloading, and retooling, can be performed from the front
  • Wide-opening working chamber provides easy access for retooling and manual loading
  • Intuitive user software prevents improper operation
  • All necessary settings, such as machine setup, lapping process optimization, lapping and use as a roll tester, can be made using sturdy “one-touch keys”
  • Optional foot switch to clamp or release workpieces


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine L 60

Optimized for efficient production

  • Extremely small footprint thanks to compact machine design and access options designed for easy operation and maintenance
  • Efficient clamping device change using quick-release system
  • Clean machine environment ensured without restricting machine access
  • Suitable for automatic loading
  • Lapping of different hands of spiral, with counter-rotating axis offset of a parts family without reconfiguring the machine, thanks to up to four individually adjustable lapping compound nozzles (optional)
  • Lapping compound flow control ensures constant conditions (optional)


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine L 60

Maximum quality control before lapping

  • Double-flank test allows detection and correction of improperly clamped parts or components with out-of-tolerance concentricity errors even before lapping begins
  • Automatic detection of tooth flank damage in the active meshing range with simultaneous detection of damage counts on the pinion and ring gear


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine L 60

State-of-the-art lapping technology for spiral and hypoid bevel gears

  • Exceptional machine functionality due to tried-and-tested horizontal spindle concept with innovative compound slide and axis concept
  • Reduced-load acceleration to lapping rotation speed (optional)
  • System design ensures stable lapping rotation speed of the gear set during the lapping process
  • Comprehensive, flexible technology optimizing options for the lapping process, beyond the standard lapping cycle
  • LAC technology for easy manipulation of contact pattern lengths without changing the lapping duration
  • A axis including software for 79° to 101° shaft angles, so even bevel gear sets with a 90° shaft angle deviation can be lapped (optional)


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Lapping Machine L 60

Maintenance-friendly machine design

  • Lapping compound refreshing and replacement from the front of the machine
  • Connects to an existing central lapping compound supply
  • Efficient maintenance thanks to easy accessibility 
  • No hydraulics
  • Easy-to-read pneumatics layout on a central panel
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