G 80

Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine

Economical concept for high-precision final machining of bevel gears

Thanks to its outstanding grinding performance and universal design, this CNC-controlled bevel gear grinding machine from the G model series is an extremely economical concept for high-precision final machining of the curved-toothed bevel gears of any gearing system as well as face-type clutches. These machines operate up to a ring gear diameter of 850 mm. The G machines are equipped with a side loading door for automation purposes, making loading using handling robots easy during automatic operation.


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 80

Vertical machine concept for reliable process sequences

  • Vertical grinding spindle for optimal swarf disposal
  • Excellent visual process monitoring during the process positioning, thanks to optimal machining position of vertical grinding spindle
  • Workpiece and workholding change in vertical direction are “gravity-assisted”
  • Flexible oil nozzle system suitable for high pressure and quick change


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 80

High-volume production at maximum productivity

  • Constant machining conditions thanks to automatic adjustment of grinding oil supply over the grinding wheel service life
  • Automatic loading option through side loading door
  • Loading in parallel with dressing, for minimum downtimes (G 60 depending on component size)
  • Blank seating monitoring, stock allowance control and grinding performance for maximum process stability
  • Highly dynamic drives for minimum downtimes
  • Efficient energy recovery


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 80

Minimal set-up and change-over time

  • Semi-automatic change of grinding wheel with wheel flange adapter for short set-up times
  • Quick change of preset oil rings for grinding oil
  • Full accessibility of working chamber through front service door, also for automatic loading
  • Workpiece spindle with through bore and automatic clamping cylinder for maximum flexibility (G 60 and G 80)


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 80

Compact, intelligent machine design

  • Easily accessible, drives are located above the grinding area
  • Separate working chamber to protect drive components with stainless steel inner panel for a sturdy, clean machine
  • Easy service and maintenance due to easily accessible auxiliary components, such as oil mist extraction system, grinding oil return pump and hydraulics
  • High-efficiency-class motors
  • Integrated CO2 fire suppression system without additional space requirements (optional)


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Grinding Machine G 80

Maximum flexibility due to user-defined profiling of tools

  • CNC-path-controlled profiling of grinding wheel with diamond dressing roll for any profile modifications
  • User-defined programming of dressing ratio and dressing factor
  • Maximum precision due to stationary dressing unit
  • Efficient grinding wheel pre-profiling with special dressing software
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