C 100 U

Oerlikon U Bevel Gear Cutting Machine

Universal gear cutting system for efficient multi-task machining of bevel gears

This large-scale machine is based on the C 60, but with a cutter head and dividing gear designed especially to meet its special requirements. In the Zyklo-Palloid® machine series, the C 100 U is a universal gear cutting system for efficient, multi-task machining of spiral and hypoid bevel gears in the 3.5 mm to 15.5 mm normal module range. It is used in conjunction with the wide range of tools for soft-cutting before case-hardening and hard-cutting after case-hardening.


Oerlikon U Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 100 U

Efficient machine design

  • Suitable for dry and wet processing
  • Complete integration in the closed loop system
  • Optimized for the Zyklo-Palloid® method
  • Face hobbing and face milling also possible
  • Use of universal Zyklo carbide tools
  • Hard finishing and soft cutting in one machine


Oerlikon U Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 100 U

Energy efficiency (e²) for maximum savings

  • As-needed control of the chip conveyor with energy-saving stand-by mode
  • Energy-saving cooling technology thanks to effective control of the cooling units
  • High-efficiency-class motors
  • Intelligent reactive current compensation
  • Efficient energy recovery


Oerlikon U Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 100 U

Intelligent production process for maximum efficiency

  • Temperature compensation inside the machine ensures maximum accuracy
  • Short processing times make for extremely economic production processes
  • Intuitive operating concept


Oerlikon U Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 100 U

Machine-integrated start-up and quality assurance

  • Measurements during the production
  • and automated correction calculation in the machine ensure rapid production
  • Measuring results are highly precise, with excellent repetition accuracy
  • Easy calculation of correction values means no rejects in the bevel gear cutting process
  • High indexing accuracy requires no in-depth operator know-how
  • High indexing quality is ensured over the entire service life of the tool, despite varying temperature conditions
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