C 30

Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine

Highly efficient, environmentally friendly dry-cutting

Thanks to continuous further development of the vertical concept, the Oerlikon C 30 bevel gear cutting machine sets new standards in dry processing. All of the bevel gear machines in this series are equipped with a thermostable, vibration-damping machine bed. The cutting machine utilizes an optimized axis arrangement, resulting in reduced traversing paths that significantly reduce the load on the drive components and stiffen the structure of the overall system at the same time. An integrated deburring tool also provides maximum productivity and maximum process safety using the PULSAR method. Use of the optional Power Skiving method makes it possible to achieve even greater machine flexibility and productivity.


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Optimal chip flow thanks to vertical axis concept

  • Minimal heat input thanks to systematic avoidance of chip deposits in the working chamber
  • Separate working chamber to protect drive components
  • Foundation for trend-setting high-speed machining
  • Optimized axis arrangement allows for optimal process monitoring
  • Moving parts protected from damage caused by chips both inside and outside the working chamber
  • Optimal energy efficiency thanks to recovery and on-demand control of units


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Intelligent Production Process with Machine-integrated Start-up and Quality Assurance

  • Short processing times and low tool costs make for economic production processes
  • Measurements taken during the production process itself and automated calculation of corrections in the machine provide quality assurance for the production process
  • High indexing quality is ensured over the entire service life of the tool via temperature compensation
  • Ultimate quality in the face milling process thanks to automatic pitch compensation via software settings
  • Optimized process sequences, machining times and tool life with Smart Process Control (optional)


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Minimal setup times

  • Vertical axis concept makes it easy to access the workpiece clamping device
  • Bayonet connector speeds up clamping device changes
  • Integrated workpiece measurement system for automatic quality monitoring and faster production release following a component change
  • Blade breakage monitoring allows for fast response to minimize downtime


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Minimal auxiliary times thanks to high-speed workpiece change

  • Optimized workpiece changes, since loading system is fully integrated into the machine
  • Standardized Profibus control interface for easy integration with external automation
  • Integrated NC axes mean intelligent coordination of machining process and workpiece changes
  • Automatic workpiece changes, including for cylindrical gears cut by Power-Skiving


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Process Design and Cylindrical Gear Production via Power Skiving in Closed Loop

  • Virtual process design with Klingelnberg design software for optimal cutting conditions and absence of collisions during the process
  • Automated correction of flank and profile deviations, as well as tooth thickness
  • Flexible process data input for multiple-cut strategies enables verifiable component quality
  • High indexing accuracy from the continuous process


Oerlikon Bevel Gear Cutting Machine C 30

Flexible deburring with PULSAR

  • Visualization of the deburring paths ensures collision protection between the deburring tool, bevel gear cutting machine, and component
  • Early-stage validation of production equipment and fast deburring setup, since all deburring development takes place outside the cutting machine
  • Easy loading of centrally stored deburring processes minimizes tooling time during setup
  • Deburring calculation for flank profiles of various manufacturing methods
  • Deburring designs, including for external gearing produced by Power Skiving
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